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1.) Are you doing this as a single person or a group?  ALL THE RIGHT GROOVES is independently owned and operated by business partners Jill Phillips and Bethany McDonald, established in 2003. Both have years of experience and knowledge in the entertainment business, and moonlight as nightclub DJs when not performing at a scheduled event.


2.) What will you be wearing to your events?  Just as expected of your guests, we also wear formal attire to formal occasions (i.e. black pants and black shirt, NO female tuxedos).  In the case of more casual private parties and events, we leave it up to the client to designate the DJ's attire.  We believe it is your night, and we like to accommodate your needs as much as possible.


3.) How can your rates be so low compared to other DJS?  We understand the cost of entertainment services today, so we do our best to price our services in a range that everyone can afford.  We are also making a business decision to do more events for less money, instead of over-pricing and booking less events.  We also offer a considerable discount to charities and non-profit organizations.


4.) Do you supply all of your own equipment?  YES. We supply all the equipment necessary including lighting, wireless microphones, all power cords, speakers, mixers, and of course - the music. We also carry backup equipment in case unforeseen problems should occur. 


5.) Do you need any breaks during a four-hour event?  We do NOT take breaks. We have played as long as six hours without breaks. Anything we need to do, we do quickly during songs.


6.) How much time does your set-up and break-down need?  It only takes us around 45 minutes to set up, but we like to arrive at least an hour and a half prior to the event to check the sound and lighting, making sure everything is perfect.  After the last song, we can be out the door within 20 - 30 minutes, depending on how many speakers are included.  We do all of our set-up and break-down on our own time, so you aren't hit with hidden charges after the event is over.


7.) What if our event goes longer than scheduled?  It is our policy with every event booked with us to keep the rest of the night tentatively open, in case your occasion goes longer than expected.  We only charge $75.00 per additional hour, and you can decide as the night progresses to take advantage of this option! During day events, we will need some notification at least one week in advance in case we have a night function to follow so that we may plan accordingly.


8.) Can we meet before we make a decision?  One of the advantages of choosing ALL THE RIGHT GROOVES is the option of a personal consultation with your DJ even before you choose your entertainment. We'll arrange to sit down with you and provide you with an information package and insight into our company face-to-face. If you would rather communicate by phone or e-mail initially, we can send you all of our information and you can contact us at your convenience.


9.)  How involved with the crowd are you in your emcee services? We currently moonlight as nightclub DJs on Friday and Saturday nights at different clubs. We play to 200-300 people on average, so we are very comfortable and experienced with large crowds.  Our interaction level is based on your personal preference.  However, we don't "perform" at your event as many DJs do, we simply facilitate the evening in a subtle way to let your guests focus on you and not the DJ!



Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions of our DJ services.  If your questions and/or concerns are not addressed below, please feel free to contact us via phone or email!

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